About Us

Formed by Sober HNZ started as a normal day to day group from the streets of South West London but has now dragged the HNZ name into the music scene as an Independent record label/Movement. Chopping and changing various things has now cleared a path for HNZ to be an inspiration for all and a positive outlook within their genre.

Spearheaded by Sober High NumberZ was established in 2005 with a dream of bringing together solo talented artist's from different and and similar backgrounds and making it happen, consisting of various artists around the U.K HNZ is the name to spread and the movement to look out for.


Sober - CEO/Artist
Mike Lloyd- Co CEO
Hamdi Nur - CEO HNZfilms
Marvelous - Producer/DJ
Peckz - Artist
Yungz - Artist
Bianca AKA BCG - Artist
Vincent Morgia - Producer/DJ