Sober Sober


Ever since early age Sober has had the talent to take the world by storm...


Age14-16 Sober was a regular guest on then popular radio station Delight FM performing a live set before Oxide and Neutrino influenced at the time by house and garage MCing was the road to take, regularly performing at raves and hotspots Sober made his name locally and was a sought after artist.


Age17-18 got influenced into hip hop and rap and decided to form his own record label/Movement consisting of various artists called HNZ Entertainment.. Then slowing down his tempo of MCing to rap and straight away started recording his 1st mixtape Fighting My Way Through.


Age 18-20 recorded his 2nd mixtape Blood, Sweat and Tears and was performing various songs from the mixtapes at various spots but chose not to release the mixtapes as it did not reflect his true talent.


Sober released his debut street album 'Fighting My Way Through Da Official Disk' on 15th December 2010 via itunes & performing around london and UK to promote his material at places like Plymouth and music showcase's and events in London whilst releasing videos on YouTube. He also released his next mixtape '2nd to none' for 2011.


Now looking to establish himself in the UK music scene he is concentrating on recording and releasing his forthcoming EP releasing commercial singles from it.So show your support and listen to the voice of the streets there’s a lot to come.